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This site is being merged into the broader Observability Best Practices content. Please head over there for the latest updates, plus prescriptive guidance on the use of AWS observability tools.


This site will be kept as-is until January 2023, when it will be decommissioned.

We are covering recipes for observability (o11y) solutions at AWS on this site. This includes managed services such as Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus and Amazon Managed Grafana as well as agents, for example OpenTelemetry and Fluent Bit. We want to address the needs of both developers and infrastructure folks.

The way we think about the o11y space is as follows: we decompose it into six dimensions you can then combine to arrive at a specific solution:

dimension examples
destinations Prometheus · Grafana · OpenSearch · CloudWatch · Jaeger
agents ADOT · Fluent Bit · CW agent · X-Ray agent
languages Java · Python · .NET · JavaScript · Go · Rust
infra & databases RDS · DynamoDB · MSK
compute unit Batch · ECS · EKS · AEB · Lambda · AppRunner
compute engine Fargate · EC2 · Lightsail

For example, you might be looking for a solution to:

Exemplary solution specification

I need a logging solution for a Python app I'm running on EKS on Fargate with the goal to store the logs in an S3 bucket for further consumption

  1. Destination: S3 bucket for further consumption
  2. Agent: FluentBit
  3. Language: Python
  4. Infra & DB: N/A
  5. Compute unit: Kubernetes (EKS)
  6. Compute engine: EC2

Not every dimension needs to be specified and sometimes it's hard to decide where to start. Try different paths and compare the pros and cons of certain recipes.

To simplify navigation, we're grouping the six dimension into the following categories:

  • By Compute: covering compute engines and units
  • By Infra & Data: covering infrastructure and databases
  • By Language: covering languages
  • By Destination: covering telemetry and analytics
  • Tasks: covering anomaly detection, alerting, troubleshooting, and more

Learn more about dimensions …

How to use

You can either use the top navigation menu to browse to a specific index page, starting with a rough selection. For example, By Compute -> EKS -> Fargate -> Logs.

Alternatively, you can search the site pressing / or the s key:

o11y space


All recipes published on this site are available via the MIT-0 license, a modification to the usual MIT license that removes the requirement for attribution.

How to contribute

Start a discussion on what you plan to do and we take it from there.

Learn more

The recipes on this site are a good practices collection. In addition, there are a number of places where you can learn more about the status of open source projects we use as well as about the managed services from the recipes, so check out: