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The content on this site is maintained by Solution Architects, AWS Observability service team members and other volunteers from across the organization. Our goal is to improve the discovery of relevant best practices on how to set up and use AWS services and open source projects in the observability space.

Recipes and content contributions in general so far are from the following people:

Authors Authors Authors Authors
Alolita Sharma Aly Shah Imtiaz Helen Ashton Elamaran Shanmugam
Dinesh Boddula Imaya Kumar Jagannathan Dieter Adant Eric Hsueh
Jason Derrett Kevin Lewin Mahesh Biradar Michael Hausenblas
Munish Dabra Rich McDonough Rob Sable Rodrigue Koffi
Sheetal Joshi Tomasz Wrzonski Tyler Lynch Vijayan Sarathy
Vikram Venkataraman Yiming Peng Arun Chandapillai Alex Livingstone
Kiran Prakash Bobby Hallahan Toshal Dudhwala Franklin Aguinaldo
Nirmal Mehta Lucas Vieira Souza da Silva William Armiros Abhi Khanna
Arvind Raghunathan Doyita Mitra Rahul Popat Taiki Hibira

Note that all recipes published on this site are available via the MIT-0 license, a modification to the usual MIT license that removes the requirement for attribution.