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Configure Google Workspaces authentication with Amazon Managed Grafana using SAML

In this guide, we will walk through how you can setup Google Workspaces as an identity provider (IdP) for Amazon Managed Grafana using SAML v2.0 protocol.

In order to follow this guide you need to create a paid Google Workspaces account in addition to having an Amazon Managed Grafana workspace created.

Create Amazon Managed Grafana workspace

Log into the Amazon Managed Grafana console and click Create workspace. In the following screen, provide a workspace name as shown below. Then click Next:

Create Workspace - Specify workspace details

In the Configure settings page, select Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) option so you can configure a SAML based Identity Provider for users to log in:

Create Workspace - Configure settings

Select the data sources you want to choose and click Next: Create Workspace - Permission settings

Click on Create workspace button in the Review and create screen: Create Workspace - Review settings

This will create a new Amazon Managed Grafana workspace as shown below:

Create Workspace - Create AMG workspace

Configure Google Workspaces

Login to Google Workspaces with Super Admin permissions and go to Web and mobile apps under Apps section. There, click on Add App and select Add custom SAML app. Now give the app a name as shown below. Click CONTINUE.:

Google Workspace - Add custom SAML app - App details

On the next screen, click on DOWNLOAD METADATA button to download the SAML metadata file. Click CONTINUE.

Google Workspace - Add custom SAML app - Download Metadata

On the next screen, you will see the ACS URL, Entity ID and Start URL fields. You can get the values for these fields from the Amazon Managed Grafana console.

Select EMAIL from the drop down in the Name ID format field and select Basic Information > Primary email in the Name ID field.

Click CONTINUE. Google Workspace - Add custom SAML app - Service provider details

AMG - SAML Configuration details

In the Attribute mapping screen, make the mapping between Google Directory attributes and App attributes as shown in the screenshot below

Google Workspace - Add custom SAML app - Attribute mapping

For users logging in through Google authentication to have Admin privileges in Amazon Managed Grafana, set the Department field’s value as monitoring. You can choose any field and any value for this. Whatever you choose to use on the Google Workspaces side, make sure you make the mapping on Amazon Managed Grafana SAML settings to reflect that.

Upload SAML metadata into Amazon Managed Grafana

Now in the Amazon Managed Grafana console, click Upload or copy/paste option and select Choose file button to upload the SAML metadata file downloaded from Google Workspaces, earlier.

In the Assertion mapping section, type in Department in the Assertion attribute role field and monitoring in the Admin role values field. This will allow users logging in with Department as monitoring to have Admin privileges in Grafana so they can perform administrator duties such as creating dashboards and datasources.

Set values under Additional settings - optional section as shown in the screenshot below. Click on Save SAML configuration:

AMG SAML - Assertion mapping

Now Amazon Managed Grafana is set up to authenticate users using Google Workspaces.

When users login, they will be redirected to the Google login page like so:

Google Workspace - Google sign in

After entering their credentials, they will be logged into Grafana as shown in the screenshot below. AMG - Grafana user settings page

As you can see, the user was able to successfully login to Grafana using Google Workspaces authentication.