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Amazon ECS on EC2 cluster monitoring

This example demonstrates how to monitor your Amazon Elastic Container Service on EC2 (Amazon ECS) cluster with the Observability Accelerator's ECS monitoring module

The module collects Prometheus metrics from tasks running on ECS and sends it to Prometheus using AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry Collector (ADOT).

You can either run the collector as a sidecar or deploy the collector as its own ECS service for entire cluster. ECS tasks with Prometheus endpoints are discovered using extension ecsobserver. (Unlike EKS, there is no builtin discovery for ECS inside prometheus)

Additionally, you can optionally collect custom Prometheus metrics from your applications running on your ECS cluster.



Make sure to complete the prerequisites section before proceeding.

Available Samples for various Worklods

Make sure to update your exisitng Application Task Definitions based on the workload type :-

1. Java/JMX workload for ECS Clusters

2. NGINX workload for Amazon ECS clusters

3. App Mesh workload


1. Add the ECS Monitoring Module to your exisitng ECS Cluster

module "ecs_monitoring" {
  source                = "../../modules/ecs-monitoring"
  aws_ecs_cluster_name  = module.ecs_cluster.cluster_name
  task_role_arn           = module.ecs_cluster.task_exec_iam_role_arn
  execution_role_arn      = module.ecs_cluster.task_exec_iam_role_arn

  depends_on = [


Simply run this command to deploy the example

terraform apply




To clean up your environment, destroy the Terraform example by running

terraform destroy