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Monitoring Amazon EKS API server

AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) enables Amazon EKS API server monitoring by default and provides three Grafana dashboards:

Kube-apiserver (basic)

The basic dashboard shows metrics recommended in EKS Best Practices Guides - Monitor Control Plane Metrics and provides request rate and latency for API server, latency for ETCD server and overall workqueue service time and latency. It allows a drill-down per API server.

API server basic dashboard

Kube-apiserver (advanced)

The advanced dashboard is derived from kube-prometheus-stack Kubernetes / API server dashboard and provides a detailed metrics drill-down for example per READ and WRITE operations per component (like deployments, configmaps etc.).

API server advanced dashboard

Kube-apiserver (troubleshooting)

This dashboard can be used to troubleshoot API server problems like latency, errors etc.

A detailed description for usage and background information regarding the dashboard can be found in AWS Containers blog post Troubleshooting Amazon EKS API servers with Prometheus.

API server troubleshooting dashboard