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Creating a new Amazon Managed Grafana Workspace

This example creates an Amazon Managed Grafana Workspace with Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus datasources.

The authentication method chosen for this example is with IAM Identity Center (former SSO). You can extend this example to add SAML.



Make sure to complete the prerequisites section before proceeding.


1. Download sources and initialize Terraform

git clone
cd terraform-aws-observability-accelerator/examples/managed-grafana-workspace
terraform init

2. AWS Region

Specify the AWS Region where the resources will be deployed:

export TF_VAR_aws_region=xxx


Simply run this command to deploy the example

terraform apply


After apply, Terraform will output the Worksapce's URL, but you need to:

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 12 04 45


To clean up your environment, destroy the Terraform example by running

terraform destroy