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Monitoring Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus workspaces

This example allows you to monitor your Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus workspaces using Amazon CloudWatch vended metrics and logs. It also creates configurable CloudWatch alarms for service usage limits. Those informations are displayed in a Managed Grafana workspace dashboard.



Make sure to complete the prerequisites section before proceeding. This example doesn't require an Amazon EKS cluster and Kubernetes tools (ex. kubectl).


This example requires CloudWatch Billing Metrics to be enabled in order to create some of the alarms in this module.


1. Download sources and initialize Terraform

git clone
cd examples/managed-prometheus-monitoring
terraform init

2. AWS Region

Specify the AWS Region where the resources will be deployed:

export TF_VAR_aws_region=xxx

3. Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus workspace

Specify one or more workspaces in the same Region separated with a comma seperated string.

export TF_VAR_managed_prometheus_workspace_id="ws-xxx"

You can use the following command to create alarms for all of the workspaces in a region.

export TF_VAR_managed_prometheus_workspace_id=$(aws amp list-workspaces --query 'workspaces[].workspaceId' --output text |  sed -E 's/\t/,/g')

4. Amazon Managed Grafana workspace

To run this example you need an Amazon Managed Grafana workspace.

export TF_VAR_managed_grafana_workspace_id=g-xxx

5. Grafana API Key

Amazon Managed Grafana provides a control plane API for generating Grafana API keys. As a security best practice, we will provide to Terraform a short lived API key to run the apply or destroy command.

Ensure you have necessary IAM permissions (CreateWorkspaceApiKey, DeleteWorkspaceApiKey)

export TF_VAR_grafana_api_key=`aws grafana create-workspace-api-key --key-name "observability-accelerator-$(date +%s)" --key-role ADMIN --seconds-to-live 1200 --workspace-id $TF_VAR_managed_grafana_workspace_id --query key --output text`


Simply run this command to deploy the example

terraform apply


1. Cloudwatch datasource on Grafana

Open your Grafana workspace and under Configuration -> Data sources, you should see aws-observability-accelerator-cloudwatch. Open and click Save & test. You should see a notification confirming that the CloudWatch datasource is ready to be used on Grafana.

2. Grafana dashboards

Go to the Dashboards panel of your Grafana workspace. You should see a list of dashboards under the AMP Monitoring Dashboards folder.

Open the AMP Accelerator Dashboard to see a visualization of the AMP workspace.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 2 16 17 PM

3. Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus CloudWatch Alarms.

Open the CloudWatch console and click Alarms > All Alarms to review the service limit alarms.


In us-east-1 region an alarm is created for billing. This alarm utilizes anomaly detection to detect anomalies in the Estimated Charges billing metric.


Destroy resources

If you leave this stack running, you will continue to incur charges. To remove all resources created by Terraform, refresh your Grafana API key and run the command below.


Be careful, this command will remove everything created by Terraform. If you wish to keep your Amazon Managed Grafana Dashboards or CloudWatch Alarms. Remove them from your terraform state before running the destroy command.

terraform destroy